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Extended Life Specification Machined Needle Roller Bearings Provide Performance and a Longer Life

Heavy-duty applications can cause accelerated wear and frequent replacement of standard machined needle roller bearings. However, IKO has recently introduced an innovative solution known as the Extended Life Specification bearing. This advanced bearing not only offers exceptional performance but also boasts an extended operating life that can be up to five times longer than standard needle roller bearings. To achieve this impressive longevity, the Extended Life Specification bearings undergo a specialized heat treatment that significantly enhances their surface hardness and toughness, minimizing potential damage over time. These bearings demonstrate remarkable durability, even in demanding conditions with high loads or contaminated lubrication. In fact, during life tests conducted under load conditions at 50 percent of the basic dynamic load rating, the Extended Life Specification bearings with special heat treatment lasted five times longer compared to standard heat-treated products.


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