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Maintenance Free Bearings

IKO was the first company in Japan to develop Needle Roller Bearings using in-house technology. This advanced technical know-how has been the foundation for our progress in the field of linear motion (Linear Motion Rolling Guide series and Mechatronics series). Currently, we support the development of technology by meeting increasingly diverse needs through our various product lines. Creativity has allowed us to develop innovative products such as our revolutionary C-Lube maintenance-free series.

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Advancements in medical equipment have revolutionized the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases in recent years, leading to a growing market demand globally. A noteworthy example is image diagnostic technology, which has undergone continuous improvement, providing clearer images of the internal body and elevating the standard of medical care.

As technology continues to progress, particularly in the realm of ICT and 3D analysis, medical professionals can expect even more precise and efficient diagnoses and treatments in the future. These innovations allow for visualized motion through stereoscopic images, further enhancing medical outcomes.

Mechatronics products and linear motion rolling guides play a crucial role in medical equipment and must possess several key features, such as high performance, speed, precision, rigidity, low vibration, and ease of maintenance. These components are crucial to ensuring top-notch medical care.

The utilization of PCs and smartphones has surged, and the Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible for household appliances and other products to have internet connectivity. Semiconductors, which are critical components for these devices, continue to evolve and require further miniaturization, increased integration, and lower power consumption.

In a similar vein, LCDs, which facilitate communication and information sharing, are also undergoing advancements. The development of new materials and display techniques is enabling higher image quality, slim design, lighter weight, and reduced power consumption. There is a growing demand for bearings and linear motion rolling guides used in semiconductor and liquid crystal production facilities to possess attributes such as high strength, accuracy, speed, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and minimal dust generation.

Processed foods, such as frozen dinners, pre-made meals, and canned goods, and bottled drinks, have become a staple in our daily diets. It is crucial to ensure the safety of these products at all times, as any contamination from foreign substances can have severe consequences for both the manufacturer's reputation and public health.

The production of food involves multiple steps, including cleaning raw ingredients, cutting, processing, filling, and packaging. A range of machinery is utilized throughout the production process. To ensure high reliability and maintainability, key components in food machinery, such as bearings and linear motion rolling guides, must meet strict standards. These components play a vital role in ensuring food safety and improving the performance and efficiency of food production.

Industrial robots are in high demand at factories and other industrial sites globally. With automation becoming increasingly prevalent in the workplace and the need for streamlined operations, their usage is only expected to grow. The core functions of industrial robots include positioning, gripping objects, assembling, and providing surface treatments such as painting. As related technologies, such as sensing and IoT, advance, the capabilities of these robots are also evolving. High-performing bearings, linear motion rolling guides, and mechatronic parts are crucial for industrial robots to keep up with the latest technological trends and requirements.

Machine tools are essential equipment in the manufacturing industry, using metals and other materials to produce parts with unparalleled precision and efficiency. These machines, also referred to as "mother machines," play a critical role in determining the quality and competitiveness of the end products.

Machine tools can be broadly categorized into two groups: manual machines operated by workers and computer-controlled NC machines. Currently, NC machines account for over 90% of the machine tool production in Japan. In modern manufacturing sites, machining centers with automatic tool changing capabilities are frequently used to perform a variety of machining processes based on the specific requirements. To keep pace with these technical evolutions, linear motion rolling guides must possess high speed, high rigidity, and high precision.

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