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Meet Your Design and Production Goals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

You can rely on us to provide high-quality parts that ensure precise and consistent positioning and rotations of laboratory objects and samples. Our products demonstrate exceptional reliability, with a flawless track record across the hundreds of thousands of parts manufactured annually. Additionally, many of our products are equipped with C-Lube maintenance-free lubricating technology, virtually eliminating the need for maintenance and preventing machine downtime when it's critical to avoid interruptions.

Moreover, when faced with specific design requirements or aggressive production targets, we are fully equipped to address your needs. We leverage both local and international resources and make a company-wide commitment to achieving your objectives. Our extensive inventories of parts, strategically stocked across multiple locations in the United States, enable us to fulfill large and expedited orders promptly. Furthermore, if you require a prototype urgently, we collaborate with local machine shops to create proof-of-concept samples without delay.


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