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Improve Your Cam Follower’s Life and Keep Maintenance Costs Down

In order to ensure the reliable and long-lasting operation of your cam follower, lubrication and sealing play a vital role. In harsh industrial environments, the presence of threats like dust and particles can significantly reduce the lifespan of a cam follower, while heavy usage can lead to wear on the bearing's rolling contact surfaces.

Conventional cam follower maintenance can be a challenging task. Depending on the specific application, maintenance personnel may require significant time to access hard-to-reach areas for cam follower re-lubrication, or even the removal of the cam follower from the machinery to perform maintenance. This process can take hours, followed by the time required for reassembly. Consequently, equipment and plant downtime increase, along with elevated labor costs. By utilizing self-lubricating technology, cam followers can mitigate these challenges, alleviate headaches, and achieve extended lifespans.


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