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Compact Linear Guides Go Maintenance-Free

There are various approaches to achieving maintenance-free linear guides, but most long-term solutions tend to be bulky. However, our C-Lube technology sets itself apart. Not only does C-Lube provide lubrication for up to 20,000 kilometers, but it also occupies no additional space within the guide housing. In this article, we will delve deeper into C-Lube linear guides, exploring their features and assisting you in selecting the perfect model for your specific application.

Reliable lubrication is ensured through C-Lube's unique design. Depending on the type of linear guide, the C-Lube elements are shaped into either a plate or sleeve, seamlessly integrated into the bearing's slider. Subsequently, they gradually release the impregnated oil through continuous and direct contact with the internal rolling elements of the linear guide.


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