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Motion Products that Stand Up to Food Processing Environments

The food processing industry imposes stringent demands on equipment, necessitating the selection of motion devices that are adequately protected against adverse conditions. Equipment utilized in food processing plants must address two primary challenges: corrosion caused by high humidity and the potential buildup of bacteria, which poses a threat to food safety.

To address these concerns, IKO offers a range of motion devices manufactured from stainless steel, providing excellent resistance to corrosion in food-related environments. For example, IKO stainless steel guides are suitable for both vertical and horizontal linear motion and find applications in a diverse range of tasks, such as product handling, cutting, and sealing. These products are equipped with protective features and optional enhancements that ensure prolonged service life while meeting industry certifications for cleanliness. Here are some notable features that IKO motion products offer specifically designed for food processing environments:


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